About Us

Precision Aerial Services is the Western US’s Premiere Crane and Aerial Equipment Service Provider. 

Since our start in 2012, Precision Aerial Services has been dedicated to its loyal customers and has maintained great working relationships with some of the most respected cable and construction companies in the industry. 

We understand that your aerial lifts and other utility equipment are vital to your business, so making sure they’re working correctly and efficiently is our top priority. At Precision Aerial Services, we have the skills and know how to get each repair or refurbishment job done correctly and on time. 

Precision Aerial Services has grown to encompass almost the entire western US region and is still expanding! We offer a variety of services to clients of all sizes; from our on-site services to in-house repairs. No matter what issue you might be experiencing with your crane or aerial device, we can diagnose and fix the issue in a cost effective and timely manner. 

With the ability to personally order parts from our trusted partners, Precision Aerial Services can complete many repair and maintenance jobs on the spot with expert care. If you are constantly running into the same problems with your aerial and hydraulic equipment, it might be time to address the issue before it becomes serious. We know the importance of keeping your machines properly serviced, and the sooner you call the experts at Precision Aerial, the sooner you’ll be back in business.