In House Repair Services

Our repair, maintenance and diagnostics experts specialize in services including:



Complete Hydraulic Repairs of Cranes and Aerial Equipment (Bucket Trucks, Scissor Lifts, Hydraulic Diggers, Spot Trucks)

  • We stock and ship a large variety of hose fittings and seals to get your Hydraulic equipment working at 100% efficiency. Our repair specialists and mechanics are able to complete professional, long lasting cylinder rebuilds and hose replacements to ensure your machines are in pristine working condition. We can assess hydraulic issues promptly and provide both in-house and off-site services for a variety of cranes, vehicles and equipment.  


  • Sometimes your trucks or machines get damaged and when that happens some body work is usually necessary. Precision Aerial Services is able to get your equipment looking like new with professional fiberglass repair and refinishing. Our experts can bring your truck or crane back to life with a range of options for your refurbishment.



  • If your aerial vehicle or crane is looking old and worn, then it might be time to give it the professional look it deserves. Precision Aerial Services can provide full body painting services for most equipment, ensuring a long lasting and professional look that will last for years to come.
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